Real Estate Transactions

Commercial Real Estate

In conjunction with his law practice, Mr. Dryer is the President of True Title and Escrow, Inc., a full service title company. As a Stewart Title vetted agent, True Title and Escrow can handle all parts of the transaction beginning from preparing the contract to issuing a title insurance policy. True Title and Escrow is uniquely suited to closing files with unusually difficult or complex legal issues. If title defects are discovered when the title is examined, Dryer and Associates, P.C. is more than capable of curing most issues that may arise. Many attorneys can provide title opinions, but not all are able to remove clouds on the title or cure title defects. The staff of Dryer and Associates, P.C. and True Title and Escrow, Inc. are willing to go the extra mile to ensure a smooth real estate transaction.

Dryer and Associates, P.C. and True Title and Escrow, Inc have handled many types of commercial real estate transactions, such as hotel and motel sales, commercial and office building acquisitions, and non-profit transactions. Dryer and Associates, P.C. is able to handle any type of commercial transaction. Dryer and Associates, P.C. and True Title and Escrow also handle residential transactions. Mr. Dryer believes that a transaction involving raw land or an individual's first home is just as important as any large corporate transaction. Dryer and Associates, P.C. recognizes that the purchase of a home is typically the largest investment an individual will make in their lifetime.

All transactions require careful review and monitoring by quality real estate legal professionals, especially those involving first time homebuyers.

For questions about fees or the closing process, please contact True Title and Escrow, Inc. at (918) 712-9137.

Asset Protection Strategies

Asset Protection Strategy Meeting

Property investors should consider the risks that are associated with the types and number of properties they own. In today’s litigious society, property owners must protect their investments and should consider using a combination of corporate entities or trusts to limit liability and create anonymity. Dryer and Associates, P.C. specializes in creating asset protection strategies that are customized to each individual investor.