Non-Profit Legal Documents

The complex legal and administrative issues facing non-profit organizations make skilled and effective counsel a must have for any non-profit. Dryer and Associates, P.C. has been providing legal services for non-profit organizations for over twenty years. The firm handles the formation of new non-profit organizations and guides and directs them through the process of gaining tax-exempt status. Dryer and Associates, P.C. also provides support after the corporation has received its approval from the Internal Revenue Service. Mr. Dryer is prepared to answer any legal question which may arise for non-profit organizations.

A non-profit organization that has been in existence for several years may find itself wondering if its organizational documents are correct or have kept pace with new legal and administrative developments. For such organizations, Dryer and Associates, P.C. can provide a legal audit—essentially a "check-up" for non-profit organizations. This audit may be done on-site or off-site. Many organizations find having an on-site legal review to be a great benefit.

The law firm of Dryer and Associates, P.C. is not an accounting firm, but can assist organizations in completing their annual 990 returns. Completing and filing timely the 990 return is essential for a non-profit organization to keep its exempt status. If an organization does not file a 990 return promptly, there are serious penalties associated with the failure to file. A non-profit could find itself spending significant resources just to pay the penalties and interest associated with the non-filing. 

Church Acquisitions

Dryer and Associates, P.C. also handles land acquisitions involving churches. Transactions between non-profit organizations must be handled carefully, which is why it is beneficial for the organization to retain an attorney who has expertise in the area of non-profit transactions. Should a non-profit organization improperly transfer assets, it could put both the non-profit and the receiving corporation at risk.

Compensation Issues

Dryer and Associates, P.C. can provide non-profit organizations with salary opinion letters and other compensation advice and directives. The IRS has recently become more stringent about rules regarding reasonable compensation of officers and employees of nonprofit organizations. Proper documentation is necessary to help non-profits avoid IRS penalties and other problems.

Dryer and Associates, P.C. can also provide a non-profit organization with accurate and up to date legal advice concerning housing and other allowances. This will ensure that the church organization, the pastor or minister, and other qualifying employees are in compliance with the IRS requirements.